Airbox CONVERTIBLE Part #2 for Canon & Lexmark series

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Airbox Convertible Upgrade 2 CA LE

With the AirBox Convertible Upgrade 2 CA LE you will be able to work with the following printhead cartridges:



PG37, PG40, PG50, PG510, PG512, CL38, CL41, CL51, CL52, CL511, CL513



PG37, PG40, PG50, PG210, PG210XL, CL38, CL41, CL51, CL52, CL211, CL211XL



PG37, PG40, PG50, PG810, PG810XL, CL38, CL41, CL51, CL52, CL811, CL811XL

Lexmark (all regions):

LE1HC, LE15, LE15A, LE29, LE29A, LE33, LE35, LE31, LE37, LE37A, LE37XL, LE37XLA, LE24, LE24A, LE40, LE41, LE14, LE14A, LE23, LE23A, LE28, LE28A, LE32, LE34, LE36, LE36A, LE36XL, LE36XLA, LE42

For working with this AirBox Convertible Upgrade 2 CA LE you need also the AirBox Convertible Basis Part!

How to use the AirBox Convertible

What you need in addition:

  1. a pump
  2. refilled printhead cartridges
  3. a lintless cloth
  • The upgrade for 2 CA LE has to be assembled into the AirBox Basis Part.
  • On the back side of the upgrade you can see 4 holes (2 at the upper edge and 2 at the lower edge) for fixing the upgrade on the 4 center screws of the AirBox Basis Part.
  • Hold the upgrade that way in which you are able to read the markings and press it down carefully between the valve banks of the Basis Part.
  • Take care that the Upgrade is centered on the 4 screws of the Basis Part.
  • Now mount the included tubes in the correct order:
  1. thick PU tube
  2. tube connector
  3. thin PU tube
  4. tube connector
  5. silicone tube with yellow tube reduction
  6. Luer-Lock tube connector
  • Connect the PU tube with your pump.
  • Combine the white Luer-Lock connector with the valve bank you decided to work with.
  • Make yourself familiar with the arrangement of valve banks and the numbers leading to the seperate channels of the upgrade.
  • Valve No. I opens channel no. I, valve no. II opens channel no. II and so on.
  • Switch on the pump.
  • Every valve has 3 levers. If the valve is open the mid-lever points to the connected tube. If the valve is closed the mid-lever points at the opposite direction or upwards.
  • Insert the selected cartridge into the upgrade's notch - printhead facing up. The cartridge's ventilation holes fit exactly on the air channels of the upgrade.
  • Please start with the darkest ink. Process the lightest color at last!
  • Open slowly the desired channel and keep the lintless cloth at hand.
  • Press the cartridge into the upgrade's rubber slightly with one finger.
  • Tap slightly onto the number near the opened valve to control the air flow to the ink chamber.
  • When ink is coming out of the printhead wipe it off carefully with the lintless cloth.
  • Please wipe only from back to front - just like the direction the nozzles are arranged in the printhead.
  • Process this until you can see a constant ink flow without breaks.
  • If the result is satisfying interrupt the air flow to the ink chamber by closing the valve.
  • After that you can process the other ink chambers of the cartridge.
  • Make a testprint.
  • If the printout is perfect you have removed all bubbles.
  • If the printout is streaky, start at the beginning. You only have to process the colors which cause the white lines in your testprint.

Airbox CONVERTIBLE Part #2 for Canon & Lexmark series  

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Airbox CONVERTIBLE Part #2 for Canon & Lexmark series
Airbox CONVERTIBLE Part #2 for Canon & Lexmark series
69.00 €
price + 19.00% tax + shipping Article is in stock - available stock: 5
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