JERO Productions allows a 6 month functional guarantee to all its self manufactured products if used properly since date of purchase.

The legal warranty claims will not be infringed by this additional guarantee.

Because the JERO products (Jigs) are declared as tools which are regularly used, the normal abrasion of the whole tool or single components will not be convered by the product warranty.
The acceptance of guarantee only describes the condition of the goods, respectively the operative readiness of the whole tool for the mentioned period.

The warranty is excluded if the cause of a defect is mishandling, improper use or due to improper repairs.

A warranty claim within the period of 6 months can only be invoked if this is submitted to us in written form with an exact error and workflow description, together with the JERO Jig or the machine as well as with the copy of the purchase receipt.

Extreme mechanical stress by metal tools can damage the components.
Consumables such as syringes, silicone and rubber seals in the JERO jigs and machines are also exposed during normal use of mechanical loads and affected by wear.

This normal wear is not covered by the warranty.

With our products partly high-quality pneumatic components are used that only work properly and will not be permanently damaged if the compressed air required for operation is exclusively dry and free of oil by an upstream maintenance unit on the compressor.

Due to moist and oily pressure air, the pneumatic components will be damaged in compressed air controlled machines. In this case, we offer no warranty.
If necessary, an additional maintenance unit should be interposed to clean the compressed air.

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Sparepart AutoFillomat 4 tubes & weights
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