Valued V-Pump user,

We want to inform you, that our V-Pump is a high quality product, built to last for a long time. The V-pump is a special type of pump using a rubber membrane to produce a vacuum.


The membrane of the V-Pumps is a very elastic high-speed moving rubber device which is exposed to wear and tear and is therefore not part of your warranty.


Please follow the intructions below to avoid damage from you V-Pump:

1. Do not pump any fluids through your V-Pump. Fluids cannot be compressed and will cause significant damage to the membrane of V-Pump. To avoid any damage from the V-Pump we supply every pump along with a V-Pipe.

2. Only use an empty V-Pipe to avoid the V-Pipe to overflow.

3. In case of any fluids reaching the pump, shut-off the pump immediately, disconnect it from the power supply. Disassemble the pumps head carefully to removal all fluids from inside the pump. Make sure that you dry and clean all parts of the pump before reassembling it.

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Sparepart EP Single Jig Cap with Luer-Lock and Filler Neck
Sparepart EP Single Jig Cap with Luer-Lock and Filler Neck
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