For customers from USA & Canada

Dear customers,

from now on you can purchase all our products directly.

The prices in USD are separately shown in the products.

The shown shipping costs are valid for a single product.

If you order more than one article they will not be added together, but calculated for the whole package.

Therefore it makes sense to order spare parts or consumables like syringes in addition or to place a collective order with your business partner or business related companies.

You are from the USA or Canada? Then please follow this order process:

  • Please send us an eMail which contents all the needed products.
  • Please remember to inform us about your PayPal registered eMail adress.
  • Directly on receipt of your order you will get a pro forma invoice via eMail and the request of the payment via PayPal.
  • As soon as the payment is confirmed the ordered goods will be sent via UPS Express Saver without delay.
  • You will receive the tracking number immediately via eMail.

For the accurate service of delivery and for the safe payment we rely on strong partners.

The payment will be safely transacted by PayPal.


The delivery service will be executed via UPS Express Saver. You will receive your goods within two business days.



Q: What can I do if I have some questions about the product?

A:  You can call us from Monday to Friday between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm CET. We will be happy to answer your questions via eMail, also.

Q: How does the product work exactly? I don't understand the manual.

A: We provide training videos for all our products. You will get useful tips to prevent typical operating errors.

Q: The product has been damaged in operation. How and where can I get spare parts?

A: You can also order spare parts for all our products. Please send us an eMail with the desired part. The shipping will be handled with a fixed rate of 30 USD via UPS Express Saver in addition to the spare parts.

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Sparepart AutoFillomat 4 tubes & weights
Sparepart AutoFillomat 4 tubes & weights
14.95 €
price + 19.00% tax + shipping Article is in stock - available stock: more than 20
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