Ep Single Jig for 711 & 1281 series

- Refill an Epson cartridge in less than 1 minute!
- no drilling and gluing!
- Quick and clean due to revolutionary refill method!

Resetter for T07xx & T12xx ask our Salespartner!

The following cartridges can be refilled in the Jig:

T0691, T0692, T0693, T0694
T0711, T0711H, T0712, T0713, T0714
T0731, T0732, T0733, T0734
T0771, T0772, T0773, T0774, T0775, T0776
T0781, T0782, T0783, T0784, T0785, T0786
T0791, T0792, T0793, T0794, T0795, T0796
T0891, T0892, T0893, T0894
T0801, T0802, T0803, T0804, T0805, T0806
T0811, T0812, T0813, T0814, T0815, T0816
T0821, T0822, T0823, T0824, T0825, T0826
T0870, T0871, T0872, T0873, T0874, T0875, T0876, T0877, T0878, T0879
T0881, T0882, T0883, T0884
T0961, T0962, T0963, T0964, T0965, T0966, T0967, T0968, T0969
T0981, T0982, T0983, T0984, T0985, T0986
T0991, T0992, T0993, T0994, T0995, T0996
T1001, T1002, T1003, T1004
T1241, T1242, T1243, T1244
T1251, T1252, T1253, T1254
T1261, T1262, T1263, T1264
T1271, T1272, T1273, T1274
T1281, T1282, T1283, T1284
T1291, T1292, T1293, T1294
T1301, T1302, T1303, T1304

EP Single Jig for Epson

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Sparepart: HpCaSingleJig Cap with Luer-Lock Connector
Sparepart: HpCaSingleJig Cap with Luer-Lock Connector
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